Saturday, 17 May 2008

Lingam Case

I am not amused when the Royal Commission is willing to invite top six figures in the country to facilitate the commission to investigate into the lawyer Lingam's case. This is, however, called as 'a political issue' when it comes to the publication of the Lingam video clip by the person who took the videos. It is sad that we are seeing such things are happening. It seems to me that the judicial system is now kicking in. The then Prime Minister, now Tun Mahathir Mohammad, mentioned in a press conference that he 'welcomes' the inquiry and looking forward to banish the alleged bribery against his name.

I think that the inquiry is 'active' particularily after the recent election results. It is about 'people power' as they said. Well, we will see about it then. Six person will be asked to be present at the inquiry and the case will be an interesting one.

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