Tuesday, 20 May 2008


This has nothing to do with Oasis, the infamous British rock band who managed to rock many male and female fans around the world. Instead, it has something to do with someone whom I met back in 2003. I have no interest in her and we had no chemistry at all but I was quite willing to help her in every single way that I can. At that time, she came to UK to study English and her favourite song was Oasis's Whatever. I can remember she telling me that she is under a lot of pressure from home. She was just 18 years old at that time and such a confused child.

I do remember that she came to my house and we sat in the garden. She has to tell me her problems because she thinks that men are always bad. I could not stop her from thinking about men being bad because what she has gone through back in Japan. She was dumped by her boyfriend after a few years together. Since then, she could not accept anyone in her life. She thinks that men only wants sex all the time and never think about a woman's feelings. I told her that that is not true. Not all men are bad. It is true! There are still good men out there...

Gradually I managed to comfort her and I can feel that her level of confidence in accepting another man in her life is almost complete. I just could not hold back my joy. You know, it is really hard for me to persuade her because most of the men she met back in Japan just want her for sex. That is all. Poor girl!!!

Do you know what? She then fell in love with a Scot! That was really good! Although they do have language barrier, it does not matter because love conquers all. She likes Oasis's Whatever. She would just play that song over and over again until I would get annoyed but I am alright. Right now, it brings back good memories and I am glad that I knew her. I still have her address in Japan. Hum...It is good that I get in touch with her to see how is she doing back in Japan. I hope that she has finished her studies in Tokyo University and having a good job now. Well, fingers crossed... I think I should give her a call (if she has not changed her telephone number), don't you think so?

What am I trying to say is that if you ever have any problems, just stick to the fact that you want to solve the problem and gradually you will be able to conquer the problem - stand firm!!!

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