Saturday, 31 May 2008

Updates on China's Earthquake

According to Yahoo news, China has less than 10 days to ensure that water stored in many of the man made dams will not overflow. I do admire their courage in dealing with such a crisis. Moreover, I am more amazed as to how China has developed in dealing with natural disaster. The Chinese government is more open in this case although they would remain silent about Tibetian's allegations. I will NOT talk about Tibet because I do not know the facts in proper.

However, I do know one thing for sure. Sharon Stone has been dropped by one of her sponsers when she talked bad about the Chinese government. I think it was wrong for her to criticise people without full facts.

Anyway, I would really hope that China will be able to provide permanent homes to millions of refugees who are actually victims of the recent earthquake. They have suffered a lot because China had a few strong aftershocks. God bless!!!

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