Saturday, 31 May 2008

Where is the Money? Show me the Money!!!

I welcome Pakatan Raykat's movement to investigate how RM 8 million was spent during the first three months for the year on Perak soil. I would love to think that the former government under Barisan Nasional used it for some good cause, spending the money wisely. However, it is not so according to PKR as they think that the money has gone to support BN's election campaign.

It is good that PKR is now trying to investigate but not pointing fingers at anyone. I do think that that is the way how it should be done as things are being accounted for. I do believe that with PKR's involvement in the State, I think it is time for Perak to recover from last election's defeat to improve on the people's living staying in Perak. Kudos for PKR!!!

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