Saturday, 31 May 2008

Man on Moon

Have you ever thought about man walking on the moon? Have you ever thought of you being the one on the moon? What would you think if you had the chance to walk on the moon like those 24 people who did it to the moon and back?

I can tell you that after watching 'Shadow of the Moon', I can safely say that the moon is so beautiful. It shows that from the moon itself, one can see that the Earth itself is so unique and it looked so small from space. What is the most important now is that we need to cherish what has been given us from God.

Think about those people who went up to space. They feel lucky to be alive and living on Earth. In space, it has nothing but stars and stars and stars again. Astronauts are feeling lucky to be alive and stay on Earth. Many of the astronauts are not going to complain about Earth. We should start learning of how to promote harmony and minimise pollution worldwide. Spread peace and love around the world!!!

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