Monday, 2 June 2008

Another Setback for Gordan Brown

I really don't understand the situation regarding Gordan Brown. I think he is trying his level best to counter attack the influence of the credit crunch on the UK economy and also to help people but yet people are staill condeming him. Why? Is it because he is not a good leader or he should retire as a prime minister since he is no longer needed in the limelight? Well, I've got to say that he is a real tough nut which require respect from others.

Personally, I think he needs some counselling but I do support his style of leadership. However, he must be a little bit flexible. Right now, we have evidence that he has to do a U-turn on the 10p income tax band and also to allocate more for the elderly for their winter fuel tax; we have a problem now in the UK - Rising cost of living. The good news is that the prime minister acknowledged that the effect of rising in living cost will be minimised as employees will have a higher rate of personal tax allowance.

The Conservatives will argue that Gordan Brown could not help voters at all. Look at his latest defeat in Crewe. There is nothing to suggest that the majority of the people in Crewe supported Labour. Well, we are living in a free country and it is not between life and death. However, it goes to show that David Cameron was in the right time and at the right place when the situation arises. It meas that the by election could not be held more favourable in the hands of the Conservatives than now. Why? Picture this. If the Conservatives were to be in power right now, will they be subjected to the same level of criticisms that the Labour is having right now? Most probably yes. Think about the bigger picture. Think outside the box as the Lord Denning always did.

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