Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Windows VIsta 64 bit

I have written a few articles about Windows Vista 64 bit but I have not tried installing the Windows Vista 64 bit on the newly build pc. It will be a challenge as I already had Windows XP and Ubuntu installed on it. After installing the 64 bit Windows, it seems that the Windows experience gave me a score of 5.0 due to the Gigabyte 8600GT which I have. I don't see that it is a weak point but I think that is why I have to put up with because it is one of the quietest graphics card in the market now.

However, I do find something strange after installing Vista 64 bit. At the Windows Logon page, Windows Vista does not seem to recognise Windows XP. It was only showing 'Earlier Version of Windows' instead of 'Windows XP'. That is strange but never mind about it. I still prefer to boot up Windows XP as my default OS, rather than Windows Vista 64 bit. I hope that everything will be alright though. So far, I do not have any problems in using Vista on the pc.

After reading through the newspaper, it seems that Microsoft is going to launch Windows 7 next year! I thought that they are going to launch the new OS in 2010? How come they have speed up the process then? Does it mean that nobody is interested in Vista so they want to come up with something better which is more worth while upgrading for? I do have reservations in totally using Vista. One thing for sure, my Nokia software does not like 64 bit Vista at all even though Nokia mentioned that their software is compatible with XP 64 bit. That was the last thing I have checked. Does it mean that Microsoft have failed in asking people to change their OS? It was a totally different thing when Microsoft launched XP back in 2000 from Windows ME.

Back then, Windows 98SE was quite a popular OS as compared to Windows ME as the ME will crash without any warnings. When XP came about, many people went on to upgrade because it is worth doing it! Look at it now, it is already eight years since it was launched and Microsoft have no plans to stop releasing the software. People know that it is a good software! You do not get problems such as BSOD or incompatibility with older softwares like the Vista. Microsoft have better come up with a better OS when they launch Windows 7 next year!!!

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