Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Better Pass Your Driving Test Soon

I just had the chance to look at the online newspaper and saw the headlines for today which includes a piece of information where by the government is going to push forward a tougher exam based for new learner drivers.

I was told that when the government is ready, it would mean that new learner drivers will have to pass a tougher paper based exams before sitting for the current theory test. Even if one has passed the theory test, the new learner driver would have to go through a tougher driving test which is rather different from now. After passing the driving test, one would have to wait for one year before he or she can get a full driving licence. It is like in Malaysia where by new drivers would have to wait for two years before they can get a full driving licence.

The most important thing is that within the one year after they have passed their driving test, they cannot involve themselves in any accident or they will have to retake their driving test. This is the fact in Malaysia. I am sure that UK is trying to improve the safety of road users. Oh well, what can I say about it then?

For those people who are thinking of driving, better take your driving lessons soon and get over with because the test is going to be much tougher. Look here and you will understand.

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