Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Breakups? Never!!!

I was recently asked to help out a friend who is in a relationship crisis. I do pity her and I would do my best to help her. In the end, I told her that it is bad enough for her boyfriend not to take the initiative to commence her existence to his parents, let alone leaving her alone and telling her that their two years plus relationship is over! That is just not right. It is so unfair but what can I say about it then? I have no say over it.

I know that my position is just to advise her but I could not say anything bad about the whole relationship because it is just one sided. I only have her side of the story and you know that so long as I only have one side of the story, I will not be able to have the full picture of it.

Anyway, I have told her that the very first thing for her to do is to make sure that his parents know about their relationship and then if he is so keen to breakup, so be it then. After all, it is best to breakup now rather than later when they have married, right? It is just so lame, I mean for him to be in that sort of situation. She told me that he is not interested in being with her anymore. I can sense that partly it is due to his parents' pressure. Oh well, I think it is just so unfair for her to be alone. She is from another State and not being with her is just lame. What a lame excuse!!!

Anyway, I told her that if they have decided to break up, it is best for her to part ways professionally. Good luck to her!!!

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