Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Personally, I do have a project to commence. My project would be to install Windows XP Professional on my PC. After that, I would have to install Ubuntu and the last project will be to install Mac OSX Leopard on my PC. Yes, you heard me, MAC OSX on my PC. It will be a challenge but I am sure that I will be able to make it.

I have searched on the internet regarding the process in which a MAC OS could be installed on my PC but failed. Well, I am not going to give up! However, I have successfully installed the latest Ubuntu on my PC which is really fine. I am really surprised how user friendly is the latest version of Ubuntu. I have to say that those guys who are out there to improve on Ubuntu are great! I am so happy for them! It makes me wonder whether I would like to abandon Windows all together. Oh well, I would just stay on with Windows and Ubuntu for the moment. In the mean time, I will be using Ubuntu for some time because it is just great! I have never thought that Ubuntu will be so good! I love it!

A word for those guys out there, Ubuntu is a good OS to run on. Try it...I think it is one of the best alternative OS to Windows.

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