Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Apple Iphone on Vodafone?

According to gsmarena.com, Vodafone is going to sell the upcoming Apple Iphone 3G in the UK! Not only that, Vodafone will have the opportunity to sell the Apple Iphone throughout EU where they have coverage. Oh yes, in this way, it would seem that O2 and carphonewarehouse is not selling well in the UK and Ireland. Perhaps Apple is not selling their Iphone well so they are trying to expand the current market.

I think it is just right for Apple to do so. After all, what is the point of allowing just a few people to sell the Iphone anyway? Would it be profitable for Apple? Certainly is but it is not going to be profitable for O2 and Carphonewarehouse because there are many people who does not like to get stuck on a 18 months contract so they will try all ways to get hold of an Apple Iphone without any contract.

If you get down to one of the CEX stores, you can find the 8GB version of the Apple Iphone is being sold at a rediculous price of £335.00 It will be better for people to buy it off the internet such as ebay and not from CEX as the Apple Iphone looks dirty. I know that it is unlock but nevertheless, I can see some sort of damage on it. I think it will be best for people to wait for the upcoming 3G version of the Apple Iphone to arrive before forking out cash then, don't you think so?

I think Vodafone will be able to sell their Iphone well. It is just that the market for Vodafone is big. It is bigger than T-mobile in the EU. Well, it is a different story in the USA as the Apple Iphone only supports quadband but no 3G. Oh well, just wait, ok?

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