Friday, 6 June 2008

End of the Road for Zimbabwe?

I have no idea why Zimbabwe is not allowing foreign aid to its rescue. Look at Zimbabwe. The country used to be the strongest country in terms of its financial stabilisation and their GDP was the highest among other African countries in the region. That was before Robert Mugabe took power when Zimbabwe had its independence about 25 years ago.

Since independence, the country was in chaos. Look at its millions of people in the street. Most of them are living in rural areas and they are poor since they had independence. I am not surprised when I see Mr MUgabe having his nice meal while most of his people in the country living in poverty. I have gathered that most of his followers are those people who are either benefitted from Mugabe's political party itself or had some business links with Mugabe. That leaves many people out of touch.

I was really shocked to see the current situation in Zimbabwe. Long gone where by people live in harmony and the economy of the country is thriving. It is the opposite right now. The current situation is that Zimbabwe has rejected all foreign aids to the country on the basis that foreign aid is trying to jeopardise the June 27, 2008 run off election. Oh dear...

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