Monday, 9 June 2008

Mobile Phone Update

I think it is time for me to write something about two of the new mobile phones which we can find it on the market right now. Enjoy!!!

Samsung U900 Soul

I think there has been many reviews about the new Samsung U900 Soul. However, it is not that everyone will favour the new phone UI. As for me, I do find Samsung phones generally innovative in general. They will always try to come up with new phones equipped with new techonologies at a price which people can afford. I have owned one or two Samsung phones before and I have to say that I liked them both. However, I do have some reservations about the user friendliness of the Samsung U900 Soul. You need to get used to the new phone UI to be able to rip the fruit of the new function. When you have done so, you will noticed that you will actually like it. I have found out that the U900 Soul's battery will last quite a long time since I always listen to mp3s for some time and yet the battery is still full after three hours! I don't think I will still have full bar on my Nokia E90 after three hours full blast listening to mp3s.

I also like the build of the S900 Soul. It attracts the new generation of youngsters. The price of the phone is still expensive but with a decent contract, the phone will be free. I liked the functions of the phone but it depends on individuals. For me, I'd prefer the mighty E90. Hehehehe

Nokia N78

There were many hype about the new Nokia N78 which states to replace the aging N73. I did own the Nokia N73 and the N73 Music Edition which I prefer the latter. Since then, I have been looking out for new phones that would be able to replace the N73. Then comes N78 which many people liked the phone but the price is still expensive as it is a new handset. Not to worry as the phone will be free on an 18 months contract, as usual. The phone has features which you would expect as it is a high end Nokia phone. It has the usual features of a Nokia N95 with build in accelerometer!!! That is excellent! I wish my Nokia E90 have the build in accelerometer. The phone is almost perfect because it is quite good, actually except for the keypad. You need some time to get used to the keypad which I found, quite annoying. However, if you can get used to the keypad, you will be alright. It is a very good phone with 16M colours like the Samsung U900 Soul.

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