Wednesday, 18 June 2008


If you look at this page, you will noticed something is going awefully wrong. What is PAS thinking of doing? Staging a protest because we have two well known female singers singing during the Selangor cup? That is a little bit too much to ask for, right? I think PAS Youth should sit down and think about the consequences of doing so. What is the point of staging a protest at Shah Alam stadium then? What is the purpose? Is it because they do not like female singers to perform? I have no idea.

Think about Superbowl in the USA. They do have half time and during the half time, there will be artist performing and everyone is drawn to the half time, not only just for the Selangor Cup. Does PAS Youth realise that it is a perfect opportunity for the Selangor State to earn some money as from the tournament? We do not want to have two teams playing with only a handful of supporters because it is Euro 2008 season! I think what the Sultan of Selangor has done was actually a brilliant idea because it will attract people and to some, it will be the perfect opportunity to attend the Selangor cup.

I really hope that the PAS Youth will reconsider their position. Even though they are powerful in Selangor, they would have to respect other religon and faiths too.I do agree with what the Sultan of Selangor has said.

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