Tuesday, 17 June 2008

PM Abdullah Badawi

I am in no circumstances criticise anybody but from what I have seen, I don't believe that Ananda Krishnan has done anything wrong by presenting a yatch worth around RM 30 million to PM Abdullah Badawi back in 2006. The crucial question is whether it is appropriate for Badawi to accept gifts from other people and whether there are accountability or favours being done upon the gift by Ananda Krishnan? Is it just a mere gift or is there any hidden agenda behind the RM 30 million yatch?

Well, to me, the RM 30 million yatch is nothing compared to what the former PM of Malaysia Mahathir. First of all, he was given many Proton cars which no one questioned why does he need so many of them. Secondly, Mahathir was smart because he knows how to protect himself but here Badawi is a little bit slow in protecting himself. Nevertheless, I think both Badawi and Ananda Krishnan have done nothing wrong. What can you possibly say about the sixth richest man in Asia? He can do what he likes. By giving the yatch to Badawi, it might just signify friendship which is alright because he is the sixth richest man in Asia. Just tell me what is the most appropriate gift to a PM?

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