Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Senator Clinton - No.2 Spot?

It was such an unfortunate day that Senator Clinton has lost her race for the top spot in becoming the first ever woman president in the United States of America. It would deemed be wonderful, don't you think so? Oh well, the driving seat in the Democratic party belongs to Mr. Obama as he will be driving Democrates to the White House in November 2008.

I do wish him good luck although I am a strong Clinton supporter. I guess that there is nothing which people can do much about it since most of the superdelegates have chosen their presidential candidate for the coming month's election. I do understand that Senator Clinton is a tough nut to crack and she is really hardworking. I just hope that Senator Obama will invite Senator Clinton to be his number 2. In this case, at least her hardwork will pay off, don't you think so?


05/06/2008: It is true that Senator Clinton has admitted defeat. She will end her bid to become the first ever woman president of the United States of America and concentrate in backing Obama as you can see here. So close but yet defeated... Never mind... Life goes on.

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