Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Antivirus for Windows XP x64

People, I am really confused here. I am using Windows XP x64 and having a tough time in getting suitable antivirus programme for my pc. I have tried to use Norton Antivirus but it is unsuitable for Windows XP x64. It goes the same to NOD32. Finally, I have tried AVG and it was alright until two nights ago where by the pc just crashed. I found out that my bluetooth driver was incompatible with Windows xp x64. I thought that the bluetooth driver was compatible but not in this case.

Fine, I have uninstall the driver and remove the bluetooth dongle but yet I still have problems with the antivirus programme. I have also tried Kaspersky but it got worst! Help!


1003GWT: Finally solved the problem after calling AVG support team. Apparently I need to configure the firewall settings on my pc and disable Windows Firewall. Hum... It works!!!

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