Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Petrol and Diesel Price Increase

I have written something about the increase of petrol and diesel prices in Malaysia last year. In fact, I have also mentioned that the government will not be able to retain the subsidies that they are currently giving out to fisherman. I am right. According to this website, the PM has announced that petrol prices will increase by 78 cents to RM2.70 a litre while diesel prices will increase to RM2.58 a litre. The government is saying that they could not provide such a luxury as the subsidies will have to end soon and this is it folks...Petrol prices will increase while no subsidies will be provided...

Wait... What about Johor then? I thought that Johor is going to introduce duel subsidies for its people? Where is it now? Oh dear... That is pretty bad...


05/06/2008:If you were to look at today's paper, it shows that some people are thinking that an increase in petrol prices is inevitable as I have mentioned because crude oil prices are increasing as the day goes by. The question now is whether consumer will lose out with the increase of oil prices? According to new tariffs, yes! Not only consumers will lose out, even businesses will have to pay more for electricity and gas!

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