Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Two Tier Fuel System

I Don't quite understand why Johor is introducing a two tier fuel system in the State. The reason for implementing such a system? To enable kiosk owner to earn more money by selling the same kind of fuel to foreign registered cars at a higher price. Okay, if that is the case, foreign registered cars might not want to pump fuel in Johor again!

Look at Johor, since the independence of Malaysia and Singapore, many Singaporens would just come over to Johor to refueld their cars due to the cheaper fuel as a result of the strengthened Singapore dollars. It brought many business to Johor. As a result, Johor seemed to be expanding and the State earned a lot of money from trades with Singaporens.

However, when the federal government started to drive away foreign registered vehicles (with the exemptions of motorcycles), it would jeopardise the income of the kiosk owners. What is the sole purpose of the federal government in trying to stop foreign registered cars from refueling then? I have no idea. Well, you can argue that with that motion being implemented, Malaysia will have sufficient petrol and diesel for its people in the country. Oh well, how many foreign cars are we having to refuel compared to local registered cars then? Is the move justifiable?

Well, the good news is that the government will introduce oil subsidies beginning Wednesday as you can find it here.


05/06/2008: The government have decided to lift the ban on allowing foreign registered cars to pump petrol or diesel in Malaysia as of today. I think the whole idea of not allowing foreign registered cars to pump petrol or diesel in Malaysia is untrue because we need their business. Certainly the PM knows that and it was really unwise for him to do that to many businesses across the country particularly those 200 odd petrol stations near the borders.

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