Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Worst Fear

I am quite concerned with what has mentioned by the Kedah PAS leader. in replying to Karpal Singh, it deems that Kedah PAS is merely taking an advantage to gain popularity and have no intention of being a member of the opposition party in Malaysia. A conclusion could be made as to what he has said. He does not believe in having an alliance with PKR and DAP. The alliance that PAS had with PKR and DAP was only intended to win in the general election. They are worst than BN! Now BN is smart as if they could not secure a two third majority next time, they will definately lose in the next election. In doing this, BN thinks that they would have a chance of winning 2/3 majority next time.


Joshua said...

The moral of the story is, BN is still important & still relevant but a strong opposition is vital.

Jay Antonio said...

Malaysia will not stoop to Islamic Fundamentalism!

ぜるもう said...

Well, to think about it. I think UMNO is up to something which might jeopardise the fundamental stability of the country's political status. I am saying this is because PAS and UMNO should be separated and not to form an alliance. It is an opposition party unlike UMNO but things are not going according to the plan.