Sunday, 17 August 2008

Apple iphone 3G update

For those of you who had the Apple Iphone 3G, does it hinder your 3G capabilities? Does the network falls back to EDGE all the time and not staying longer at 3G? Well, there are issues regarding the latest gadget from Apple. Apparently the reason why the phone falls back to EDGE for most of the time was due to the Infineon 3G chip which is not mature enough to be put into the Apple Iphone 3G. Some people stated that it is all Apple's fault. I could not be sure.

Interestingly, many of you have mentioned that you do get drop calls and the quality of calls are worst than the first generation Iphone. I think it is true because I have played with the Apple Iphone 3G for a week (16GB version) and I feel that the Iphone 3G has some problems with its RF. The ringing sound is worst than the first generation of Iphone and speaker is not as loud as the first generation Iphone. Besides that, everything is alright although the camera lack autofocus. However, I really hope that Apple's future software will be able to address the RF issues of the Apple Iphone 3G.

For those of you who wants to buy the Apple Iphone 3G, be patient and you will be rewarded. I heard that Apple is going to release another version of Iphone which has QWERTY keyboard soon.

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