Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mahathir on Anwar

If you read the news recently, Saiful has swore on the Quran stating that Anwar has sodomised him recently. Oh well, what is new then? Now comes Mahathir saying that if Anwar is brave enough or he is courageous, he would do the same to prove that he is innocent. To me, I think it is unecessary.

To swear on the Quran or the Bible is just a matter of silencing the people's view on someone. Look at Rafidah Aziz. Oh well, there was the same problem but yet things did not turn out the way they have wanted. I think what Anwar should do is to concentrate in the Permatang Pauh by election and forget about swearing on the Quran. If he wants, he could do the same because that would silent his critics. I think it is not a matter of need to do it. Why do you want to do it? For fun? Oh well, I think Mahathir should have a brain check this time. I have nothing against Mahathir but I think there is some times, he should just keep his mouth shut. I think he has nothing better to do.


Joshua said...

Whether you like it or not, Dr.Mahathir still holds a lot of influence in M'sia & the world. A friend of mine back from Italy told me that when she was there on a company trip, Italians asked her how is Dr.Mahathir & they ended by saying that they admire him & he is the ONLY one in the world who has the gutts to place the west in their place! Indeed my friend felt proud being a Malaysian!

ぜるもう said...

Yes, cartainly Mahathir has a lot of influence elsewhere. I have no doubt about it. What is important now is to see what is the outcome during the Permatang Pauh election soon.