Sunday, 10 August 2008


Common people, what is going on over there? Georgia is facing a heavy beating from mother Russia this time. For what? Well, INDEPENDENCE! That is the the main theme for Georgians. Well, if you really looked at it, not everyone wants independence. Some part of the country would like it to be under Russia. They do enjoy financial backings from Russia. That is very important, don't you think so? Wrong.

If you do not have independence, you would still be under Russia's jurisdiction. Obviously, everything that you do will be under supervision from Russia. I am not saying it is a bad thing but some people would prefer to stay away from Russia. That is the case.

As for me, I think the Russians and Georgians should sit down and talk it over with a bottle of finest vodka. I know that it is easily said then done but if there is no conversation between two parties, when would they have peace between two countries? Think about it. The Soviets have more arsenal than Georgia. I think Georgians should initiate an agreement and not result to fighting.

What can you see on yesterday's paper? Look at the front page. It states excellent and spectacular display of firewords in Beijing but on the other hand? Bloodsheed everywhere in Georgia. That is a vast contrast of good and evil!!!

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