Sunday, 10 August 2008

Bar Council - an open forum

Based on this page, I would like to comment on what the Bar Council has done and effectively what Najib has said regarding the matter on an open forum of religion conversion.

I believe every religion is equal. No religion is better than others. The difference is just the interpretation of a religion and biasness of the human race which resulted in the many conflicts in this world (e.g. burning down of churches in Indonesia and the Holy War back in the dark ages). I could not see the reason why people needs to die for religion. Is it because mryterdom is still being practiced in this techonologial age or is it wise to die for your religion now in this 22 century? I am not a religious scholar but I think people should be reasonable when they want to do anything.

First of all, the holy war between muslims and christians have ended centuries ago so I don't think it is relevant now. What is relevant now is that there are people who does not want other people to dominate their land. Look at Afghanistan. There are some people in afghanistan who does not like western powers. They want foreigners to leave their land because the foreigners are taking control over what they are doing and hence, they don't like it.

Look at Iraq. After the fall of Sadam, is there peace in Iraq? Generally yes because peace has restored to many places in Iraq but there are some odd ones who does not like the influence of Americans. They take it as 'offensive' and does not like to be another Vietnam where it was heavily influenced by the influx of American troops and destroyed their culture.

The next question would be what sort of culture are the western especially the American destroyed? One good example would be the traditional way of living under Islamic law. Well, this is the 22th century and we cannot live as if we were still back in the 20th century. There should be innovations and progress, not backwards, right?Think about it.

The Bar Council would like to have an open forum regarding religious conversion but Najib has strongly asked them not to do so. Instead, the Bar Council should have a closed forum regarding this topic which is relatively sensitive to many people. Have they listened to what Najib has said? No. That is why we have some quarters protesting.

Why protest when Malaysia is a free and democratic country? There should be freedom movement of people and free speech (to an extent), right? What is so bad about having an open forum? I think many people will be interested in the outcome of the forum, right? Don't start protesting when things have not been proven. Just let it go and see what is coming. If things get out of hand, we will stop it, ok?

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