Thursday, 21 August 2008


I have been following the news on the crisis in Georgia. I am so happy that finally it has ended with Russian troops pulling out of the country. What I am concerned is that there may be more of such invasion. Let's hope that history will not repeat itself as it cost a lot of lives of innocent people. I don't really think that anyone should just fight. When there is war, more petrol and diesel will be used. This will eventually cause the rise in the demand for petrol and diesel. With the same level of output for these two commodities, their prices will increase. We need peace. With peace we will have lower petrol and diesel prices.

I was shocked to see that more than 100 people died on the Spainair accident. The plane crashed while taking off from the runway(?). I have no idea how it happened. What is more important is that there should be an inquiry into what has happened. It will surely takes time but it is worth while doing it.

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