Saturday, 23 August 2008

What Was That?

I was really shocked to see the quarter finals of the taekwando between Breat Britain and China. It was an unfair to see that the Chinese got through the quarter finals because clearly the judges got something wrong. I saw the Great Britain star Sarah Stevenson had a head shot through to the Chinese and what the judges do? No points for the Great Britain team!!!

Sarah Stevenson has been robbed of her medal!!! What are the judges doing? They are sleeping!!! There should be 2 points given to Sarah Stevenson and she should go through to the semi finals!!!


Joshua said...

The olympic Management would make sure that China wins most of the Gold medals in recognition of the Chinese Government having done so much to host the games. This is the way it is. The Hosting country usually wins most of the Gold medals. It's dirty politics but that the way it is.

ぜるもう said...

Ha, Sarah Stevenson won over her Chinese counterpart and went on to win the bronze medal. Ha!