Thursday, 26 February 2009

Computer Centre (update)

Remember I was telling you all about the horrible experience which I received from the manager at Computer Centre? Well, finally after one month of calling them every single week, they said that they have managed to track my order. The item was shipped back to the manufacturer as they claimed that I did not claim the good. Bull!

I was trying to case them up about the product every single week. They promised to give me a call when the product is made available but did they? They did not !!! They have the cheek to send me a letter dated September 2008 stating that I will not get back my refund if I don't want the good when it arrives. They claimed that the Artic Cooling Extreme CPU cooler will arrive shortly. The letter was dated 19 September 2008 and I did not received it until the end of November 2008!

Even though I have received the letter, I still call them but they still say that they have not had the good with them yet. Well, what are they trying to say then? They do sound dodgy. Never buy from them fellows if you are in the UK. They trade online as well as through their two shops in the UK. Never ever buy from them!!! You will be sorry if you do. They will force their customer to sign an agreement which will put them in the upper hand. Look at my case. They conveniently forget about my order and sent it back to their suppliers knowing that I have paid for it and I have been calling them since. Don't you think it is rediculous on their part? Dodgy traders... Never have any deals with them guys!!!

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