Thursday, 26 February 2009

Following up to an earlier post which I have written, I would like to stress out the problems facing teachers teaching those two subjects in English.

Accoring to this page, it seems that there are still teachers who does not have good command of English themselves, let alone teaching Maths and Science in English. The question would remain as: What is the purpose of teaching only two subjects in English? What about the rest of the subjects then?

I think the ministry would have to realise that they need to provide sufficient training to teachers. In the UK, all teachers will have to go through various courses as and when they are teaching no matter what are they teaching. Lecturers and teachers might not have the ability to communicate efficiently with students so there is a need for them to go through some form of training while conducting their teaching in schools, colleges and also in the university. I don't see the problem in doing that but it is vital that teachers have to be one step ahead of their students.

What do you think then? Do you think we should maintain the teaching of Maths and Science in English or should the ministry revert back to Malay language then?

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