Sunday, 22 March 2009

Acer Predator Desktop

Wow, I can still remember when Acer launched their Predator desktop. The casing was really huge and futuristic looking. I quite like the casing but there is nothing to suggest that I like what is being installed inside the casing. Typically, the casing is pretty good but what lies beneath would count the most for me.

If my memory does not fail me, most of the Predator desktops were equipped with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU with Nvidia 8600GT or 8800GT graphics card and installed with 8GB of DDR2 memory. At that time, 8GB of memory is out of the question unlike now... It is a norm to many geeks. I think I am a geek myself and there is nothing to suggest that 8GB is too much to handle. The only problem is that you need a 64 bit OS to take full advantage of the 8GB memory which I did by using Windows XP Professional x64. That was really good.

The problem with the Predator desktop is that there were complaints that they had short circuits happening in their systems and the fault lies with the melting of wires/rubber covering the wires. Oh dear... Please make sure that your Predator desktops are safe to use, alright? Acer is recalling their Predator desktops right now. Check it out on their website for more information.

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