Monday, 23 March 2009

Are you Loyal to a Company?

Basically, if you ask anyone if they are loyal to a company in respect of buying technological gadgets, eight person out of ten person would say that they are loyal provided that the company is releasing good gadgets to begin with. I have to agree with them.

If you are talking about desktop PCs, I do prefer an IBM compatible PC rather than a Mac because with the IBM compatible PC, I can easily upgrade its CPU, memory and everything else without the need to take into consideration of other integrated circuits which might be in conflict with the hardware in the Mac. That is a fact. However, if you noticed,Apple has been in constant good relationship with Intel so it will allow Windows to be installed on Macs and run Macs like an IBM compatible PC! Don't you think it will drive people more towards a Mac rather than a PC?

As for me, I think it does. Apple is well known to produce desktop PCs or laptops at very high prices. If you noticed, the hardware inside a Mac desktop or laptop may not be at the top range but customers have to pay out at a high price if they want to use an Apple Mac. The question is whether it is worth it?

I do have experiences in using a Mac and I would have to say that it is the quietest Desktop/Laptop that I ever used. I was quite used to the Mac but I had to change my mind when the touchpad on the Macbook or the Mac does not have right click. I can't get used to the idea of just having a click across the board and not being able to use right click. Well, you can argue that not being able to use right click is not a big issue at all. Yes, it is not a big issue but not for me. However, I will try to be more Mac friendly.

When the Apple Iphone was launched by Apple, many people went out to buy one for themselves. I did not because I want to make sure that the mobile phone is worth the money. I have to say that it is worth every single penny. Well, the Apple iphone is getting cheaper as 3 April 2008 approaches - Only £56 pounds for the 16GB 3G Iphone on a 24 months contract. Isn't it great? You save £100 as compared to the 18 months contract.

I am loyal to a company - Intel. I started off with Pentium Pro and then moved over to Pentium 4 Socket 423 before moving on to Socket 775. I am still an Intel fan - Quadcore Q6600 is still my favourite. I can't really get on the AMD wagon... I just could not... You can call me bias but I am strictly on for Intel CPUs only...

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