Thursday, 12 March 2009

Apple Iphone OS 3.0

There is a rumour that the Iphone OS will be upgraded to 3.0 by 17 March 2009. If it is true, there will be a possibility that we might get a glimp of the eagerly awaiting Iphone 3G 2nd generation. I was quite disappointed with the performance of the Apple Iphone 3G. Battery life was under a day (eight hours to be exact). I was on 3G/Wi-fi all the time and on VOIP for around three hours. With loads of text messages sent and received, the 3G Iphone needed a recharge in eight hours.

I have to say that the battery life could have been better and I really hope that it will because otherwise, it will be just like any other normal PDA/phone (e.g. HTC and Eten) where the battery life will last at a maximum of 2 days under normal usage. Taking into consideration that the CPU speed on the Iphone 3G has been underclock, it should be saving power. Oh well, what can I say about it then? Let's hope that we will be seeing some good news about Apple Iphone soon.

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