Friday, 13 March 2009


It appears that VIA is doing something out of the oridinary these days. First, it was the release of VIA Nano CPU which boast better performance to watt ratios. Next, Samsung featured the VIA Nano in their netbooks lineup like the NC10 and NC20. Now, they are going to release the upcoming VIA VX855 Media System Processor which is capable of running 1080p HD on netbooks!!!

That is a breakthrough. Why? Look at Intel. They are going to release Atom CPU codename GN40 which, will be able to handle 720p HD but not blu-ray playback. Oh yes, forget about 1080p because the CPU will not be able to handle such complicated tasks. The next question would be...What about Nvidia with their Ion platform then?

The Ion platform will give customers the boast as the graphics will run on a Gforce 9400GS. No doubt that it will be able to run HD at 1080p but one thing for sure though, it is going to put a dent in customer's pocket. Why? It is going to be more expensive than the Intel's offering. Well, what lies in between then?

Hum...It will be VIA, ofcause... Their Chrome 9 Graphics card seems to be promising. We will see about it though.

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