Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Apple Iphone OS 3.0

Oh yes, what have we got here? The mighty Apple has released an upgrade to the existing OS 2.2.1 on the Apple Iphone. What does the OS 3.0 offer? One word - huge!!! Apparently, Iphone users will be able to cut, copy and paste across the board; MMS is supported on the 3G version and turn-by-turn is supported on the 3G version too! That is fantastic, isn't it? Now the 3G version users will be able to use A2DP - stereo bluetooth!!! That is something interesting. I love it.

However, it does not make known to consumers regarding the effectiveness of the new firmware to save battery power consumption though. I really hope that there will be some good news about that later. It was told that there are over 100 new features with the new 3.0 firmware. The best thing of all is that Calender will get Exchange support. It will sync with Google or Yahoo calender!!!

I really hope that the new 3.0 firmware will be released to consumer very soon... Goodness Apple...Finally!!!

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