Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Compaq W200 Multiport

If you are one of those people who are finding difficulty in getting the Compaq W200 Multiport to work, please have a look at my explanation.

I am one of those nerds who bought a Compaq Presario 2800 notebook without Wireless LAN. All I have been doing is to use LAN and wireless through usb. I am kinda wondering whether it is possible for me to install a Wireless LAN card on the Presario 2800 without using an additional usb port. Well, I've made it...Just.

I have purchased a Compaq W200 Multiport for my Presario 2800 and guess what? Installation of the wireless LAN card onto the notebook was the easy part. What is difficult is the ability to get it to work!!! Yes, it is difficult. I have managed to install the software which was provided when I bought the Wireless Lan Card and it worked fine. I believe the software version was 1.00C. After installing the software, I have a problem.

I can't seem to log on to any of the wireless Access Points!!! How strange!!! That prompts me to google and have a look at how to solve this problem. I was then told that I need to upgrade the software to 1.00H. Alright, I did it and guess what? I had a BSOD.

It is not funny though. I get BSOD whenever the W200 fires up. That is not good because I can't make use of the piece of hardware which I have just bought! So much for preserving a 7 years old notebook!!! Oh well, I went back to google and look at the possible ways to overcome BSOD.

After looking for ages, I have come to a conclusion - I have to stick to software version 1.00C if I want to use the W200. The problem with the 1.00C software is that it does not support WPA!!! Oh my! That is bad...

In the end, I have to abandon the W200 wireless lan card project and stick to a usb 802.11g wireless lan adapter. How sad...

Update: 28/03/2009 - I have not yet given up on the W200 Multiport yet. Right now, I am actually trying to use the SP30513 driver. I really hope that it will solve the BSOD problem which I have experienced for so long. I really don't want to use usb wireless adaptor anymore...

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