Sunday, 29 March 2009

Fanatical about the Nokia E71

The Nokia E71 seems to have huge followers around the world! I believed that the key point of this device lies with its fabulous keypad and also the flexiblity of the Symbian OS 9.1. No doubt that it is really hard to swallow where the OS in the Nokia E71 does not support FP2 but nontheless, the phone itself is just nice to hold on to and to work with.

I have posted many articles about the remarkable Nokia E71 but this is a crunch time - Hence, companies like Nokia is desperate to capitalised in selling more of its Nokia E71 as it is very popular among its customers. Nokia is going to release an all black version and a pink version of the Nokia E71 but personally, I feel that the grey version is sufficient. I don't really like the all black version as it is really hard to see at night (jokingly). Oh well, new colours are very welcomed.

As I have mentioned before, the newest firmware for the Nokia E71 is 210.21.006. It brings out the new E71. Look, you have Microsoft Exchange on the E71 with bluetooth and it is light! Oh yes, no doubt that the screen is just 2.4" but the OS is so flexible! You can just about to install many softwares on it. Look at the Apple Iphone instead. It has a huge screen and the Touch UI is superb. However, installation of its softwares would be limited to Mac OS X. Hum... Not too flexible, isn't it? The price of the phone itself is sufficient to put many people off. O2 UK is launching a new 24 months price plan on the Apple Iphone but do you want to stick with the same phone for 24 months? I don't think so. Technology will change and with 24 months, it is just a little too much, don't you think so? A good thing to note that if you are planning to go on the 24 months contract, the 8GB Iphone 3G will be free while the 16GB version will be around £56.

In comparison with the Nokia E71, you can just pop in a 16GB microSD card and you can start using! I have tried using the 16GB memory in the E71 before and it worked. However, the phone must be flashed with the latest firmware to utilise the full potential of the 16GB microSD memory card. I still feel that I have nothing against the Nokia E71. It is light and flexible. You can change the 1500mAh battery and change its memory card at any time. You can listen to music in many forms and the battery will last, trust me. I can still remember that Fring would be switched on for 24 hours a day and I will be on 3G mode most of the time with push mail from work and also from my personal e-mail. The battery could last me for around two days. That is absolutely good! Look at the technology right now... It is just wonderful! I don't think people will be interested in the upcoming Nokia E55 with its half sized keyboard. It reminds me of the Blackberry 8110 which I don't really like it. A full sized keyboard will be just nice. Well, you might never know that I will get myself a Nokia E71 after a brief moment of separation!!!

One thing which I think the Nokia E71 is superior over the Apple Iphone is that there are not much of restrictions which you can't do on the Symbian OS but there are many restrictions on the Apple Iphone/3G. WHy bother cracking the Apple Iphone? Just get something which is not restricted, right?

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