Saturday, 28 March 2009

Updates on Apple Iphone/Toshiba TG01/LG Arena

Yes, I am pretty interested in the upcoming Iphone which Apple might be launching in June 2009. I just hope that if they are going to launch the new Apple Iphone, I would certainly hope that it will include a 5MP auto focus digital camera with video recording. The Mac OSX on the existing Iphone is pretty good. With the upcoming OS 3.0, I am sure that it will be fantastic!!! I think I will have to keep my hands tight on the upcoming Iphone launch and not taking up an Apple Iphone 3G on a new 24 months contract beginning on 3 April 2009. What do you think? Apple Iphone 3G on the new 24 months contract on O2 UK, wait for the new Apple Iphone or just get the Nokia E71 on 3 UK for £20 a month for 200 free minutes, unlimited text messages and internet for 18 months contract? If these are not really interesting enough, what about getting the LG Arena on T-mobile UK? It seems that the Touch UI is as good as the Apple Iphone with better video recording (VGA@30fps & QVGA@120fps) and digital camera (5MP with autofocus)! The phone itself is also slimmer than the Apple Iphone but not as slim as the Nokia E71. I am still waiting for Toshiba TG01. I know that it is going to be launch by O2 Germany. I really hope that it will reach UK's shores soon but I was told that chances will be quite slim.

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