Saturday, 28 March 2009

Update on Real Estate Agency

Remember I told you about the fact that I am going through a bad patch with my real estate agency? Well, I have handed in an official complaint to him stating my intention of taking the matter further if he does not stop harrasing me! Right now, after handed in the letter, I have received no word from the manager. There were no calls for me from him anymore. I guess he might be building up his case against me. Whatever... In fact, it came to my attention that the property which I am staying in is very wekk known with damp problems!!! Why wouldn't the branch manager tells me about it? I would have taken more precaution in the first place!

Now that the landlord has fitted more ventilators and changed the washing machine to a tumbler dryer for us, I don't see why the landlord did not do so before we moved in. That is really strange though... Oh well, Adios!

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