Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Funny Buyer

I recently sold a graphics card online to a person in Portugal. After purchasing, the buyer asked me when am I going to send the graphics card to him. I told him that I have already sent the graphics card to him. Fine. I have just received an e-mail from him saying that there is no power cable and he can't use the card.

I politely told him that the box does not come with a power cable. He does not need to buy the power cable because he can get the power source from the Power Supply Unit. All he needs to do is to connect two molex to the graphics card and he will be able to use it. Without the two molex, he could not even use it. I don't really understand what was he trying to say. If I am not mistaken, he could not use the graphics card because there was no power supply cable supplied.

I gave him the instructions and I am not sure whether he knows how to install the graphics card. Probably he does not know that a Geforce 9800GTX+ requires two power cables and not just by sticking the graphics card onto the motherboard will he, be able to power up his pc.

I don't really like his tone because he kept on using capitals. That is so rude! Does he know it? Probably he does not because no one told him that it is not polite to do so.Someone needs to educate him.

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