Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hiring Foreign Workers

I have to say that hiring local workers are not as bad as some people might have mentioned. In fact, I think with the hiring of local workers, it will help businesses to grow. However, there is a social problem over here. Yes, we do get locals asking for more pay. It goes the same to foreign workers too. Look at the Indonesians and the Bangladeshis. They do ask for more as the day goes by.

One thing for sure is that they do work hard irrespective of the condition that they are working in. I have to say that I do give this credit to the foreigners. I was passing by some of the local shops in the Klang Valley and all I could see is foreign workers. They seemed to have taken over the local traders. Oh yes, local traders are now hiring foreign workers to ease their burden. The problem here is that there is no problem in allowing them to work in the country so long as they don't create any sort of social problems.

They are some people who would turn into robbery and snatch thieves instead of being a good foreign worker in the country and the government should drive them out. It is, however, very hard to nab them because they are not easily found...

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