Sunday, 15 March 2009

More Expensive Alcohol

I do understand that the chief medical officer wants the nation to stop binge drinking. It puts NHS at a risk of collapse when there are not enough of medical staff to coup with alcohol related symptoms and disease. I do understand the problem over here.

There are signs and advertisements designed to stop people from drinking alcohol excessively but I am not sure whether it is working. This is because alcohol is getting cheaper as the day goes by. You can get two bottles of 70cl Whiskey and Gin for only £20! That is quite cheap! Well, you also get deals in every single supermarket. For example, you have a dozen bear costing merely £6! So, what is the government's stand on this issue then?

From the supermaket's point of view, they need to survive so they need to promote their products. On the other hand, they are under the government's pressure to be more civic minded - think about the people's health as in general. My views? You can't stop people from drinking if they want to drink. Perhaps, with the price increase, people will drink less - That is a good view because people do tend to spend more on alcohol now days with the credit crunch. It is evident!

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