Friday, 6 March 2009

Nokia 6500 Classic Problems

If you so happen to have a Nokia 6500 Classic with you, you are lucky because the phone is small and it packed with many good features which you would expect from a decent phone. However, it is little known to us that the phone might develope some problems. Well, what would be the problems that you might encounter?

(a) Echo

You might find that at one point in time, you might be able to hear some echo(s) coming from the mobile phone. I don't understand why but it certainly has caused me some problems. I can't listen to the other party over the other end of the line. It is bad. I've called Virgin Mobile and they said that there is an existing fault in one batch of the Nokia 6500 Classic. That is why they are recalling those phones and I would be getting a brand new Nokia 6500 Classic. I don't know about the Nokia 6500 Classic. It is a Nokia after all. You know, when you have mass production of phones, you would get some faulty ones.

(b) RF Quality

I can't seem to get good reception using the Nokia 6500 Classic. I don't know what is the problem with that but I think it is due to the phone itself. I hope that with the exchanged Nokia 6500 Classic, I will have a better luck this time. So far, I have to say that reception is always a problem with certain Nokia phones. I don't have such problems with my good old E71. However, it is not the case with the Nokia 6500 Classic.

(c) Charging/data transfer port

You don't get one port for charging the phone and another for data transfer. You only get one port where the port will charge up the phone and it can do data transfer as well. It is not a brilliant idea because you can't use the handsfree kit which charging the phone (not through bluetooth but with the handsfree kit provided).
Oh well, I think the best thing is to stick with my good old phone from Bird - the E895.

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