Friday, 6 March 2009

Apple Under Pressure?

With all the new HTC phones coming out soon, do you think that Apple is under pressure to release a better Iphone 3G? Personally, I think they are not in a hurry to release a better phone yet. This is because the Iphone 3G is very useful in its many ways although I would have to say that the 2MP camera should be upgraded to an auto focused digital camera of at least 5MP with 30fps video recording and it should support stereo bluetooth too.

One thing for sure is that the Mac OS X onboard the Iphone 2G and 3G are unbeatable!!! It is the best as far as I am concern. Touchscreen phones like the 8.1MP Noir and Cookie could not be as good as the Iphone UI, not mentioning running on WinMo 6.1 or 7. I still think that the Apple Iphone's UI is the best of all. I Don't think HTC can beat the Iphone's UI as of now. Perhaps in time to come. We would also have to look out for Toshiba TG01 and also HTC Magic coming into a Vodafone store near you. I would have to say that the Toshiba TG01 will be a serious contender to the Apple Iphone 3G. Good luck guys!!!

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