Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tax on Chocolate...Is it worth a Try?

There is a plan to impose tax on those people who purchase chocolate. Oh well, what is the point of doing so? Yes, it is researched that many people would tend to consume too much of chocolate before their stomach went side ways. I can understand that but there is a bigger picture over here.

The bigger picture over here is that the majority of chocolate consumers are children! If they are going to impose higer taxes on chocolate, children might have to take less of the chocolate and it would mean that chocolate companies will have less revenue, right? Well, if consumption of chocolate is not going to be differ even with the tax, I am pretty fine with it.

I Just don't understand why they want to tax on those people who buy chocolate. Is it a sin? One doctor mentioned that there is a possibility that consumers might have taken too much of chocolate, that results in obesity among children. Hum...

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