Saturday, 18 April 2009

Another problem with 3 UK

I think I have said enough regarding 3 UK. To me, their customer service is poor. They need to be re-trained. As to those people who are willing to take out a contract on 3 UK, think again. Do you want to have a bad time with customer service? If you are willing to take the risk, go ahead. I do have wireless broadband with them and I don't get connections a few days in a month. When I call them up, I was told that they will do their best to re-initiate the service. What is going on with 3 UK? Seems like they are having issues with their network and ultimately...honesty?

Tell you what guys, get yourself a PAYG 3 UK to enable you to make inclusive minutes when you travel to any 3's sister network around the world. I think that will solve many problems. Get yourself a proper contract with Vodafone or O2.

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