Sunday, 19 April 2009

Microsoft Shutdown Supoort for XP Users

It is state that Microsoft has shutdown its support for XP users. I just don't get it. Spokesperson of the company said that the support ended 14 April 2009. The next question to ask is whether users of Windows XP will continue getting the support from Microsoft.

Although mainstream support for XP has ended, there will be free bug fixes freely available under 2014. I don't really get the point. Microsoft has cut resources to XP users to put more resources to build Windows 7 and Windows 8?

Look at Windows Vista. We know that SP2 is arriving not too far away but what is the point of having Vista when the OS itself is a memory hog? Well, Windows 7 looks promising. I did have a go at the beta on my desktop last month and it was alright. The interface is similar to Windows Vista but since it is just a beta programme, we have to wait until the final version of Windows 7 to be released to the public.

I don't think that old pcs and laptops should be using Windows 7. What I mean by old computers would be somewhere along the line of Intel Pentium 4 socket 428 downwards and AMD K7 downwards. I have tried installing the beta Windows 7 on my seven year old laptop and it is much slower than Windows XP. Bear in mind that my laptop officially can handle 1GB of memory but with a customised BIOS, XP made use of the 2GB memory which I have installed on the laptop. I can't upgrade the laptop further unless I get myself a Pentium 4-M 2.6Ghz cpu which is not to be found anywhere. Look, the cpu itself is a single core and it will not be able to utilise the multi core threads enabled on Windows 7 OS.

Another thing is that there are many netbooks which runs on XP. Well, if Microsoft is going to shut down totally on XP, I don't think users of netbooks will be happy at all, don't you think so? I think Microsoft should reconsider their position. Netbook is just not capable of running Windows 7 smoothly as compared to a dual core laptop. The current Atom cpus have only 512kb of L2 cache which is the same amount of cache my cpu have. Just don't kill Windows XP support!!! I think XP users are looking at SP4 and SP5 if possible... It is so wrong for Microsoft to stop mainstream support for the product.

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