Wednesday, 15 April 2009

ARM for Netbooks

As you all would have noticed, most of the present netbooks are powered by Intel's Atom CPU which ranges from the N270 or the new N280 right up to Z530. I was told that the difference between the N series and the Z series will be the introduction of hyperthreading on the Z series and better FSB as compared to the N series. Besides Intel, VIA is emerging from nowday with their VIA Nano CPU which is featured in Samsung's NC20 12" netbooks. Well, what about AMD then? I Don't think AMD has released any CPU for netbooks.

Now, ARM is going to release a series of netbook CPUs in the coming months. It will be called 'Sparrow'. It supports multi-core applications and it is stated that the new Iphone 3G will be using the Sparrow core. Well, ARM has produced a CPU for the Iphone 2G and 3G - Samsung ARM1176JZ(F)-S v1.0 which is underclocked to 412mhz instead of 620 mhz. I do believe that with the new cpu from ARM, it will be able to power the new generation of Iphone more efficiently. There are many potential in ARM and I really hope that it will be good for them. Wake up Intel!!!

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