Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Don't Pay for Fogging!

If someone were to ask you to pay for fogging the front of your house, please never ever pay for them because they might be conmen! I did remember someone came over and asked me for fogging the front of my house. When I asked them where are they from, they could not show me their authority card so I just let it where it was. I told them that I do not need their service.

I am flagging up this issue is because the government have issued a warning against conmen who is charging consumers for fogging the front of their house. The issue could be seen here. They are nasty people. Just get rid of them and that is it.


GP said...

If the substance used is for fogging, it doesn't amount to any dishonesty. The man just wants to earn a living and i see no harm in it. If he is using proper substance for fogging, then it's fine.

And fogging is important too, infact it's vital for your home. You cannot live based on the book, life shouldn't be that rigid. You are so crazy over things going by the books, not everything in life can go by the book, we are not mutans!

ぜるもう said...

I am sorry if that post bothers you. I am looking at the the principle of a person when conducting that sort of exercise. Yes, no doubt that he might be using proper chemicals to fog one's house but we do not know about it. He is basically not licenced to conduct the fogging. What if something went wrong during fogging then? Do you think the council will help them? You have read the law and you should understand. There is no margins of error that one can make or else the consequence will be quite damaging. It goes the same to a doctor. It is about life and death.
I am sure that you have read the news about two men from a baby milk powder factory were sentenced to death and they have died as a result of a single gun shot wound to the back of their head. Why were they sentenced to death?well, they were found guilty of mixing so called plastic into the milk powder. That is not right, don't you think so?

GP said...

Well, you are right.