Thursday, 9 April 2009

Chain of Command

I love to watch 'JAG'. It is a drama regarding the life of being a marine or as a navy personnel. There are over ten seasons of the show and I would have to say that I love to watch each and every single bit of it. Do you know why? It gives you a simplified version of what is expected of you if you are a marine or a navy personnel.

I love to watch JAG because it is also law related. It is about navy lawyers prosecuting and defending their own personnel. It is really refreshing because you will be able to learn about the UCMJ and how a marine or a navy personnel work. One of the most important lesson which I have learned is the Chain of Command. Well, obviously, I do have that sense of duty to speak to someone higher up in the chain of command when they need help. If personnel fails to do so, the marine or the navy personnel will be severely punished.

I do believe that a non Marine or a Navy personnel will be able to figure this out in their line of duty. Why we need to stick to the Chain of Command? It is about respecting those people higher up in the Chain of Command and be proud of it. The drama taught me to respect and love the Marine and the Navy although it was a good advertising movement for both companies in the United States. I do recommend people to watch it.

Even though the show has ended after ten long years in 2005, it has an impact on people's life and I can bet that it will be a positive one.

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