Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sales Tactic

I have to say that I was really interested in getting a Nokia E71 last month from 3 UK but I was so put off so I have decided against it. I have no problem in getting a good service from a 3 store but it is unfortunate that those poor employees in store could not do everything when a customer asked for some help from them.

Looking at the £20 Texter Plan on the Nokia E71 seems to be really good. You do get 200 minutes of free minutes a month and you can send unlimited text messages and the best part will be free internet for a maximum of 1GB per month. It is on a 18 months contract and you have benefits like 3 Like Home. I quite like 3 Like Home because I can go to 3 sister network and still make inclusive calls back to UK and receive calls from the UK for free.

Having said that, the customer service (on the phone) is pretty bad. I have asked them when will the promotion of the £20 texter plan for the E71 will end. They said that it will end on 31 March 2009. Look at it right now. It is already close to the second week of April 2009 and it is still being offered to customers. I will not be tricked to sign a contract with 3 UK. I was told last month that the promotion will end on 31 March 2009. Look at it right now! The promotion is still available! Is that not a sales trick? I think so.

I would recommend people to go for 3 UK on a short contract of six months or a pay as you go if you do not want to spend hours and hours arguing with customer services on the phone. The main attraction of 3 UK is that you can use your inclusive minutes when you are on 3 sister networks. Make use of that feature but don't commit yourself to them fully. I would recommend people to commit to O2 or Vodafone but never ever 3 UK. I find that 3 UK is not ethically minded and they do not have respect for consumers which I have mentioned in my earlier posts.

Go for Vodafone or O2, ok? I would prefer people to sign up a contract with O2. Forget about Orange because it will take them yonks to do a simple job. T-mobile? They are the same as 3 UK.

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