Thursday, 16 April 2009

Computer Centre (update)

Remember I wrote something about me ordering an Artic Cooling Freezer Extreme from a shop? Well, the case has been dragging on for seven months now. I went to the shop on 7 April 2009 as they told me that my order have arrived. I was devastated when I looked at the product which they have ordered for me. Do you know why? I have ordered a £44.99 product called Artic Cooling Freezer Extreme (and I have paid for it when I ordered the item) from them and after chasing them for seven months, they ordered an Artic Cooling Freezer Pro which cost £15 for me. Do you think I should make a big fuss about it?

I was in a rage but the poor guy in the store could not do anything about it because he is not in charge of the order. It was the manager who ordered the product. Gosh! They could not even make a simple order for a customer! How could they run a business then? Do they know that their reputation is on the line over here?

Guess what? I was told that they have ordered the correct product for me and it will arrive at their doorstep next week. They have promised to give me a call when it arrives. Oh, it is already the seventh months! Can't they do something about it? They are running a business over here! Is that the way how to treat a customer? Obviously customers will just run away....

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